Will Evangelicals Stay With Donald Trump if Tapes Show Him Racist? Bishop Harry Jackson Responds


A prominent African-American evangelical leader is saying this week that even if tapes emerge where Donald Trump is uttering racial slurs, as is rumored, the candidates’ platforms matter more than the candidates’ personalities.

In the aftermath of tapes surfacing on October 7 of Donald Trump’s comments about groping women, the Sun (UK) and others are reporting that crew members from Trump’s TV show “The Apprentice” say that other audio recordings of Trump exist that are “much worse.”

Yet even as some leading evangelicals withdraw their support for Trump — perhaps most notably theologian Wayne Grudem who had previously argued that the Republican nominee amounted to a “morally good choice” — others are opting to vote based on the policies not the candidates themselves.

“I think that evangelicals for a long time have realized that we’re not going to get the perfect blend of character and public policy,” said Bishop Harry Jackson Jr., founder and president of the High Impact Leadership Coalition and senior pastor of Hope Christian Fellowship in Beltsville, Maryland, in a Tuesday phone interview with The Christian Post.

“Even the people who seem to have been on the surface the most faithful in terms of their biblical beliefs have not been effective at protecting our rights or advancing our agendas,” he added. “In light of that I would say that I’m really looking at the platforms and what I believe are certainties of the different presidential and down-ticket campaigns



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